PHP-Nuke going closed source?

The author of PHP-Nuke posted this rant in which he talks about possibly rewriting it and going closed source as a result of yesterday’s hacks.

This is very wrong and it illustrates one of the dangers of having an open source project like PHP-Nuke controlled entirely by one person. I would like to see PHP-Nuke development moved to SourceForge to allow other community members to take part in its development.

If PHP-Nuke does go closed source, I will probably switch to PostNuke or one of the other variants for MacMegasite & WorldBeatPlanet.

2 responses to “PHP-Nuke going closed source?

  1. Perhaps if he coded it more securely in the first place there wouldn't be that many security holes to exploit.

  2. The GPL (which PHP-Nuke is licensed under) has no termination clause. That means, even if he takes it closed source, it's still legal for anybody else to take it, upload it to CVS on SourceForge, and get an independent group of developers to continue its development. That would be an interesting project.