Politics & Macs

AppleLinks doesn’t seem to be able to separate politics from their mission to provide Mac information.

I believe that a Mac news site shouldn’t write about religion & politics. I only read that site when something is linked at MacSurfer, although it’s getting to be like a train wreck.

3 responses to “Politics & Macs

  1. Applelinks has turned into little more than a vehicle for Charles Moore's conservative, religious rants.

    It's really a shame. I don't go there anymore at all. Like you, I only end up there "on accident" from occasionally clicking on a link from MacSurfer.

  2. Yes, it is a shame. I too have removed the site from my main bookmarks (it was even my start page for a while). Now I only go when I want to read Charles' self-congratulatory mailbag ("Thanks for being you, Charles!" "And thank *you* for your support of free speech, gentle reader!" Whatever.)

    But I really like John Farr's style, though. He too may drag personal observations and opinions into his observations and commentaries — opinions that are arguably as far out left as Moore is right, but with John there's a quirky self-effacement and humor that Moore is so utterly incapable of.

    I picture Charles up there in the woods, isolated from the larger human community (except as he sees it through the haze of the Web), raging at the world's incompetence and intolerance of his brand of intolerance… It's actually somewhat pathetic…

    I guess, as I think out loud in your comments, here, that it comes down to humor. Charles is just so damn condescending, patrician, and humorless. Even when I think John Farr is being a goofball, he makes me smile, as if he too knows he's sounding like some crank in the woods…