Fun with DSL

After talking to BellSouth it sounds like it may take a while for me to get DSL service at my new place. My DSL order is on hold and can’t be processed until 72 hours after dial tone is turned on at my new number.

4 responses to “Fun with DSL

  1. Getting DSL is hell… Once it's in it rocks though. Phone companies are ALL evil.

  2. Oh man, good luck. I've completely lost count of the number of times I've had a DSL order/install fucked up by the phone company (Verizon usually). Being in NYC, we actually have some options. Now when a client asks me which broadband provider to use, I unhesitantly recommend TimeWarner Roadrunner cable. Piece of cake setup. Uses existing coax lines. Standard DHCP for IP assignation. Works almost every single time. DSL (of any flavor) is completely the opposite. Headache, headache, headache. I'd rather shove a dry spiked corncob up my bunghole. [shudder].

  3. Unfortunately cable modem isn't available at my new place yet – Comcast is still in the process of rewiring. I do have digital cable TV, though.