I'm Back

My move was full of minor mishaps, delays, and extra costs.

I sold my old condo & bought a new one, so I closed on both places and also moved the same day. The movers finished early while I was delayed at the closings, so I ended up having to pay extra for 2 hours of downtime.

The previous owner of my new home left some furniture which I’m still trying to make arrangements to remove. My movers also broke a desk and left a lot of my small items at my old home so I had to return to pick it up (luckily my new place is only about 2 miles away).

To top everything off, I dropped a heavy box on my hand and crushed one finger pretty badly.

Despite all of the mishaps, my new home is awesome. It’s like two separate apartments and I now have an actual office where I can work.

When I reassembled my computers I found that my old Graphite Airport Base Station died, so I’m now using my G4 Minitower as a software base station until I can get a new one. The reception seems to be just as good as a regular base station – I get 3-4 bars of signal strength on my 12″ PNG4 at the opposite side of the apartment from my office.

The first thing I did when I got my DSL service connected today was download iTunes 4 and try the iTunes Music Store, which I found very addictive & much too easy to spend too much. I already bought 12 tunes.

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