From NSLog(); When I first moved to Florida I worked for a company I’ll call “HS.” One of the perks of the job was that I could cross a hallway, grab a Coke from a fridge…

Here’s an actual memo from a different company, also in Florida, that I used to work for:

January 5, 1998

Memo To: All Employees

From: [president of the company]

Subject: Policies on Coffee Breaks and Food/Drinks

For over 15 years [company name omitted] has had a formal policy on 1)
coffee breaks and 2) locations where food and drinks may not be consumed. These policies are as follows:

— There are two scheduled coffee breaks each day. The morning break
is from 10:15 to 10:30 A.M. and the afternoon break is from 3:15
to 3:30 P.M.

— The company provides free coffee or tea to employees during the
scheduled coffee breaks and at lunchtime.

— Food or drinks (with the exception of water which must be in a
closed container) are not allowed in company offices or warehouses
at any time. Food or drinks may only be consumed in lunchrooms or
patio/outside areas.

These policies were established for good reasons. They were for cleanliness,
electronic equipment concerns, work scheduling and efficiency. The company
decided to pay for coffee and tea to offset any inconvenience employees
might feel.

Many employees are not following these policies. As a result, food and
drinks are being consumed at any hour of the working day, employees are
using extra company-paid time to obtain unauthorized coffee, and
coffee is being consumed in places where food and drinks should not be consumed.
In spite of the fact that our employee numbers have not increased in
the past year, company expenses on coffee and related supplies have almost
doubled in the past year.

Effective immediately, I expect all employees to adhere to [company name
omitted] formal policies as stated above. Supervisors and managers will be expected to enforce and monitor these policies in their respective departments.

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