Poor Reception with Sony Ericsson T68i

Does anyone else find that the Sony Ericsson T68i has really awful reception & sound quality?

I find that sometimes it’s so bad it’s unusable, especially indoors. I put my SIM card in my old Nokia 5190 (which, thankfully, is unlocked) and I found the reception to be much better.

4 responses to “Poor Reception with Sony Ericsson T68i

  1. Tampa must be blessed with great GSM… My quality is usually on par or better than a land line. It helps to live near a tower–but the cancer in a few years will be a downside :P.

  2. A good friend of mine is on her 4th Sony Ericsson T68i phone. In each case, it has had horrible reception and crappy sound quality. I’m a bit upset because i recommended the phone based on my ownership of the T68 model which I’ve had since April of 2002.

    My T68 experiences none of the signal reception problems or strange behaviour she’s experiencing. I’m at a loss to explain why my T68 is fine but her T68i is crappy. Provider is T-Mobile.

  3. David Tattersall

    I have have had my T68i since May, the fact it has hardly worked due to intermittent signal issues … which incidently I had my old C35i to hand to check it was the phone not the provider . . . it has been a horrible thing to have, when it works yes WOW nice lil number hehehe thats when it works . . . I have now bought a Seimens S55 hopefully this phone will be much better, to be honest the shop can keep the pile of junk T68i so much for Sony taking over they have lost the plot in my opinion … once I get the phone back and it breaks again “Which it will” I will go get my money back!

  4. My wife and I have have terrible receprion with our T68i phones at our home and at our respective offices. I got the phones hoping for that promised "almost land line" sound quality. My old nokia 6160 ran circles around these current phones. We can't wait till our terms are up and we can swich to Sprint.

    I noticed after a mere 6 months AT&T has stopped offering
    the phones. No wonder!