"The New York Times had this anti-traditional…

“The New York Times had this anti-traditional values article” (actual article link) [Daypop Top 40]

I find it very disturbing that Wal-Mart is shaping cultural tastes. They sell less than 2000 books, CDs, and Videos with only the biggest selling titles represented. By doing so they make the big hits even bigger while making it more difficult for independent titles to sell. I own almost no Top-40 albums; almost all of the CDs I own are from indie labels and lesser-known artists. When I shop for DVDs, I like to browse the foreign & indie films, not the big blockbusters. I hope the little guys can survive.

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  1. Why should WALMART carry stuff that next to no one buys? Because *you* think they should? Do you shop at WALMART at all? OR are you too snobbery to even consider going to the biggest store biz in the WORLD?

    If people aren’t buying “indie” albums then WALMART wont sell them. Thats basic Econimics 101 genius. SUPPLY AND DEMAND.

    That doesn’t mean they SUPPLY only what you (the minority) DEMAND.