GOP breaking the rules

From Life and Deatherage:

Outstanding coverage in the New York Times about a theme present on this blog for many months, one I state more bluntly than the Times does: Republicans are increasingly and obviously unwilling to live by the rules they want to impose on other people. A must-read. [Article Link]

One response to “GOP breaking the rules

  1. Oh right, but when Democrats/Liberals tell people to live on welfare and take whatever crap the Elite Democrats/Libs feed them (you are stupid, you can't achieve without us, you are a source of revenue) its OKAY. Its NORMAL. NO ONE CARES.

    (Welfare reform was a Republican concept that Bill Clinton hijacked to make himself appear a moderate, fighting wars held out at arm's length again soley to make Clinton appear a moderate with a sense of military ability when in fact the Clintons absolutely hate the military. G. W. Bush at least served in some capacity – and in fact joined a unit that had just been seent to Vietnam – instead of running away to England and Russia.)

    Right, got it. Thanks for clarifying it.