BounceWeb just charged $4.95 to my PayPal account for the account that I cancelled several months ago. I logged in and requested $4.95 back from them. What a bunch of assholes.

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  1. I hosted with bounceweb for nearly 5 months for one domain and 2 months on another domain before I finally NEEDED to get out… enjoy my story, cut from my website:

    I have many hosting accounts as I run many websites. One inparticular is “Bounceweb.” Since the week that I started hosting a site with them I had problems. I was notified several times of my site being down by people I knew. When I went to check, it would be back up again. These short downtimes never went away.. 5 months after I signed up, they still remained even though I had been assured they would be fixed. Furthermore, there were long downtimes who cost me traffic and killed traffic trades. I had a $300 traffic script on the site that was crashed once due to their service, and my trades were completely killed another time when the site went down for over a day.

    Downtime of some sort or another is typical in the web hosting business, its unavoidable… but this downtime was excessive. In their terms of service, it clearly indicates that no refund will be given due to these problems, blah blah blah…

    I stuck with the service, assuming that my complaints were getting heard and that things would get fixed, but they never were. The short downtimes continued, and after I started hosting with them, it pissed me off to find that the site was often down when I was trying to work on it, showing how much of a problem it really was. Then, one day the server went down again, but this time brought up a list of PORN SITE ADDRESSES that were hosted on the same server as me. I had people asking me if those were all my sites — of course they weren’t! But what was worse, was that some networks BANNED because they checked the site when those addresses were visible and the network banned it for pornographic material. Did I mention that bounceweb exposed underage kids to these pornographic web addresses? Their TOS indicates that they will not be held responsible for damage caused to a site. That was the last time I was going to have a problem with them. That night I moved my sites from their host to a new host, and cancelled my subscription with them.

    I was of course refused a refund for all the problems, but I figued I’d just put one of my other smaller sites on the host to fill the space. I was offered a *FREE* Upgrade to the next package for my accounts due to all the trouble. That was until I actually tried to GET the FREE upgrade — I couldn’t get it because I had cancelled my subscription with them. I also found out they wanted to charge me $4 USD just to change the domain in the account! I refused.

    Then, I tried to login one day to check my FTP accounts only to find that the accounts didn’t work anymore — my service had been cut off, even though I still had about 5 months PAID service on the accounts. I contacted them only to find out that I needed to have an active account with them to have hosting at all, and if I wanted access to my accounts I’d have to go and give them MORE money. I refused and sent them a nasty email saying it was breach of contract and fraud to refuse to provide a service that was paid for.

    Its a good thing that they have a TOS that protects them from everything they they do wrong as a joke of a company.

    All I can say is that hosting with was the worst thing I ever did in my web design career. It caused me to lose money, and caused irreputable damage to my websites. No one in the world should host with

  2. Yeah,
    Those people at Bounceweb are a bunch of thieves…


  3. I wish I had known this 6 months ago, but I'd agree, they are assholes.

  4. Hmm, i just signed up. Have I just been "had"?

  5. Mark, I can't say you will have the same experience as I did, but I will warn you to be prepared. If you paid for their service with a credit card, be ready to cancel the card when/if you start having trouble with them. I bought a 6-month plan from them, admittedly with monthly recurring billing after the initial period, but I canceled the plan about 3 months into it. "James Willit" from the company responded with a few questions, and when I answered those, I received no further reply. I assumed (yep, my mistake) that this meant the account was canceled. Well, after the 6 months were up (and long after I'd moved my 2 domains), I started getting more charges on my credit card. A half-dozen emails or more later, and Bounceweb is still trying to charge me monthly fees. Fortunately, they have not been successful since I canceled the card after they stole about $10 from me.

    I sincerely hope your experience with them is different than mine was.

  6. Those people at bounceweb *are* a bunch of assholes. They just cancelled my account bacause I demanded an answer to a question involving a script installation, something they charge for. Rather than letting them charge me to install it, I wanted to do it myself. But, "James Willit" said "We have cancelled your account because of violation of the TOS. Which doesn't say anything about emails. Fucking assholes.

  7. All I can say is you get what you pay for. Its worth paying the extra money for a REAL hosting company.

  8. I signed up for their smallest package – 1 month (thank god) , the site just works sometimes and doesnt work most times. the server is slow. But the downtime is unacceptable. thumbs DOWN to

  9. bounceweb definitely is not a reliable webserver. unfortunately, i've been with them for more than a year. unfortunately/fortunately for me i don't get much traffic to my site. they've been down for more than several hours this day. i'd figure maybe a little down time, but not during middle of the day. stay away from them if at all possible.

  10. I'm now using PEHosting and so far I've been very happy with them.

  11. I've also used bounceweb… or should I say they used me. That company should be shut down.

  12. Ditto here…crappy service, no answers from "customer service", servers down ALL the time and lame-ass excuses. STAY AWAY!

  13. I used a service to track the uptime on my Bounceweb hosted site and for a while it wasn't that bad. hung around 98% with regular 1-2 minute down intervals.

    But then, some months later I find my email isn't working. And my site is down. For DAYS ON END. As always, NOBODY AT BOUNCEWEB RESPONDS TO MY EMAILS. They are completely ripping me off. Add me to the long list of suckers, I guess. STAY AWAY FROM BOUNCEWEB.

  14. add me to the long list of disgruntled Bounceweb ex-customers.

    They left my site down for over a week straight. The only email they replied to after about a dozen demanding they fix it? — the one where I finally told them to cancel the account.

    Their answer? Explaination?

    James Willit wrote: