Death of attorney James Stokes is a Blow to Florida`s Children

The death of James Randall Stokes, a lawyer from Escambia County who opposed the controversial practice of prosecuting children in adult court will be remembered for his support of hurting children. Stokes believed that children should not be held to the same standard of culpability and accountable for their actions as adults.

The late James Stokes was selfless in his dedication in assisting children with no other means of defending themselves. As Florida leads the nation in sending children to adult court, there was never a shortage of children awaiting adult court in Pensacola. Before his death, James Stokes was intensely preparing to defend 15-year old Daniel Carter.

Stokes had previously represented Alex King in his trial.

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Daniel Carter is currently being held at the Escambia County Jail awaiting his trial for premeditated first-degree murder. Overzealous Florida prosecutors have turned Daniel?s simple self-defense actions into a pre-mediated murder charge. Daniel was defending himself from his intoxicated and irrational uncle who forcibly entered the boy?s room while he was sleeping and started to attack the boy.

Stokes became a good friend to Daniel and was determined to get Daniel acquitted of the charges against him. Stokes made it his business to get involved in these types of cases, which appear to be nothing more than politically, minded prosecutors looking to advance in their profession.

James Stokes passing is sure to be a serious blow to Daniel?s defense and is only one of many stressful situations that Daniel has faced while incarcerated at Escambia County Jail. For reasons unknown, Daniel has been denied an education, life-threatening medical exams and dental care. Daniel is in pain every day due to his medical conditions. His situation is unacceptable.

With the unfortunate death of James Stokes, Daniel is at the mercy of Escambia County and is worried about his future. Who will follow Stokes example and take the lead in protecting children who are being held to adult standards?

“There should be a sensitivity to the fact that a 14 year old, is Not a little Adult”? Jeb Bush, Governor of Florida

“James Stokes was an honest, big hearted man who truly cared about those he tried so hard to help – and that is his legacy – one man with a heart of gold who truly cared,” stated Cindy Carter, Daniel Carter?s mother.

Kids in Court:

Kids in Court is a children?s advocate group that is against transferring youths charged with a crime from rehabilitation based juvenile courts, into the adult punishment based prison system. Kidsincourt members include Mothers, Fathers, Concerned Citizens, legal and medical professionals, former child prisoners and their families.

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4 responses to “Death of attorney James Stokes is a Blow to Florida`s Children

  1. Hello
    Daniel I am behind on you all the way and believe you are inosant.I am so sorry to hear the death of James Stokes. He became a good friend for you and Alex. Really sucks how Florida can be so evil like this. I believe you and the King boys are completly inosant. My heart goes out to you. I am praying 4 u and your mother.

  2. Hello Daniel
    nice to meet you?
    I wish you peace and you fast go home–

    an very–very good luck


  3. Amanda Paparella

    good luck, my brother who is 17 and deaf just went through the same thing. he is now out on probation until he's 19… he was being tried as an adult… but with prayer i am grateful that he's not in there no more I'll pray for you and your family. that's all you really got to do.
    Amanda (15)

  4. jack carter was a honest big hearted man who truley cared about the people like daniel he tried to help.