iChat AV

Earlier today I had a meeting with co-workers via iChat AV. It started out great, although the video was choppy at times. After a while, the audio quality deteriorated so badly we ended up continuing by phone.

I find that iChat AV is very flaky. Yesterday someone was able to establish a video chat with me, but today the same person wasn’t able to. We had to try several times before we could establish the connection for our meeting today. After the connection dropped with a ‘no packets received’ error, neither of us was able to re-connect.

I’ve tried various settings in my D-Link DI-624 router, but nothing seems to have any effect. I have iChat set up as a special application with a trigger port range of 5190-5193 opening UDP ports 5060,16384-16403, since I would like to use iChat AV from any machine and I don’t use a static IP address for my PowerBook. I also made sure those port ranges are explicitly allowed in the firewall settings.

I did get to see the beautiful view of Vancouver from the office. Our meeting was cut short by a big fire a few blocks away that everyone was watching from the window.

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