And Bush claims to protect liberty

Bush looks to ban gay marriage and implies gays are “sinners.” I’m not surprised; I guess the neo-cons got jittery when Bush refused to do their bidding and have asked for the value of their campaign contributions. []

4 responses to “And Bush claims to protect liberty

  1. I posted a comment there at MetaFilter, and it was mostly missed by the people there, what with all the shouting back and forth about religion and rights and such. Maybe I'll get more favorable reception here.

    I think that the gay marriage issue, as well as almost all gay "rights" issues, can be resolved rather easily. The legal strategy is quite simple: instead of talking about "rights," and sexual orientation and all that crap that leads to quagmire, simply state it as a gender equality issue. Remember, gender equality is already pretty well established in law.

    The strategy goes like this: "I, Person A, wish to marry Person B. But the government won't permit me to do so because I am a man. If I were a woman, I could marry Person B, but because I am a man, I cannot. This is blatant gender discrimination."

    Really quite simple, isn't it? This approach is virtually unassailable.

    Comments? Opinions?

  2. Agreed. It can be called anything, as long as it includes the same legal rights.

    Marriage is a religious term. Government shouldn't define it.

  3. Political Correctness has consumed all rational thought in this country. All we are about these days are about PC and not about the people. Have we all lost touch with our own humanity and design. There is a certain order to what we call life. Even if you beleive in evolution, this order has sustained life. If Marriage is a religious term, and you are not religious, then why get married? Wouldn't that have you bound to religion if you do so. And if it is the case, every religion is bound to a specific moral code which is for the most part, universal. If this is the case, then why is it that only one religion is constantly attacked by the public and media? My point is to basically live life and leave these small issues alone. They are best left personal and between you and your god.

  4. The reason for getting married is for the benefits related to taxes, insurance, hospital visitation, death benefits, etc. The government should allow a way of designating a person to share those benefits, whether they call it marriage, civil union, or whatever they want.

    I don't believe in any god.