Reader-Submitted: Americans are REALLY damn stupid

An editorial from the NYTimes claims that America is “in the middle of another religious Great Awakening” [Morons Dot Org]

This really bothers me a lot that people will look to ancient myths & fairytales instead of logic, reason, and science for guidance.

We’re becoming one of the world’s most backward nations. We’re no better than any other theocracy like Iran or Israel. Religion has outlived its usefulness to society long ago. It’s time to get rid of it for good and move into the scientific age.

One response to “Reader-Submitted: Americans are REALLY damn stupid

  1. Americans are really stupid for example, how could any person wit reasonable intelligence or basic morals vote for or support Bill and Hilary.
    I have a standard question I ask young people."Where was The Battle of Gettysburg fought?" You would not believe some of the answers I get.