Non-Dead Router

I think my D-Link DI-624 router just died. It keeps rebooting constantly and I now can’t connect to it at all. I disconnected it from my network and I’m now using my G4 minitower as a software base station.

Update: I tried it again this morning and it’s working. It seems to have an overheating problem.

One response to “Non-Dead Router

  1. If you can crack it open easily, look to see if it has a capacitor that is going bad. Look for a little can like thing with a metal top that is swollen or blown out. The top should be flat.

    There was a huge number of bad capacitors shipped into the electronics industry some years ago. This was also the cause of failures in the earlier generation of AirPort base stations.

    The capacitors will fail over time and the first symptom is that the device will fail– typically by rebooting repeatedly– as it warms up.

    Eventually, it will fail outright.

    Capacitors are extremely cheap — even at Radio Shack — and fairly easy to replace. Since the capacitors that fail are typically in the power supply section, you don't need to match values — just make sure you replace the component with another that has higher numbers on all ratings.