Catching Up

I haven’t had much time to post anything lately, so I’m just going to catch up on a few things that have been going on.

  • I put an 80G drive in my G3 minitower and reinstalled OSX Server on that drive. I spent the rest of the day & part of Sunday copying stuff from the old drive, restoring user accounts, and configuring services.
  • I got the code set up on my G4, but I ran into some difficulties getting it to build under Panther. I haven’t really had a chance to do much with it.
  • Midnight is a wonderful pet. I don’t understand why his previous owner abandoned him. He’s very sweet and affectionate with no bad habits. Unlike Cody, he’s not destructive. Cody doesn’t like him and often attacks him. Last night Midnight was sitting on my lap when Cody came over & bit his tail. Midnight took a good swipe at Cody and they chased each other for a while.
  • We had a labor day cookout by the pool in my condo. There was a good crowd, lots of food, good music, and I spent lots of time playing darts.

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