Catching Up

I haven’t had much time to post for the last few days. My G4 upgrades arrived yesterday. I won’t bother writing about it here – I posted an article about it on MacMegasite yesterday. It’s very nice – my G4 feels (and sounds) like a new machine. With the SuperDrive I’m able to burn an 80 minute CD in 4 minutes.

The move of WorldBeatPlanet to PEHosting went smoothly & painlessly. Their server is very fast, it costs less than BounceWeb, and I really like their Aqua-like version of CPanel. I plan to move this site to PEHosting as well, although I’m keeping MacMegasite at Geek-Hosting since it requires more bandwidth.

I got Dave Matthews’ solo CD, “Some Devil” a few days ago and I’ve been listening to it continuously. Great music.

Lots of network problems at work this week. The exchange server went down last week & the entire mail database had to be rebuilt. Email still isn’t working reliably.

I made some changes to Computrace to make it less visible and also made it able to survive archive installs of 10.3 over 10.2.x.

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