Rob Enderle is totally clueless

Someone else has picked up the Rob Enderlestory. [Scripting News]

Here’s a choice quote:

“Right now we are getting the highest number of requests from people who are trying to migrate off of Apple,” he said. “People are incredibly concerned that these Apple machines are going to be isolated” in Windows networks.

One issue is the Unix roots in Mac OS X, which is based on the BSD operating system. “This Unix component is working against them,” Enderle said. “It’s basically Unix with an Apple front end, but from the administrators’ point of view, all they see is Unix.” (PC World, Apr. 2, 2002)

In this article quoted at MacMinute, he says:

“They’re going to have a serious problem with the Windows community. If they could have gone there first, they could have carved out a beachhead.”

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