This is why I hate the Bushes

Fla. Gov. Orders Feeding Tube Reinserted

The government has no fucking right to intervene in people’s private lives like this. He should have kept out of this case. It’s none of his fucking business. Is this a fucking dictatorship or something? No government in the entire history of this country has intruded on personal liberties as much as the Bush brothers have done.

One response to “This is why I hate the Bushes

  1. Deborah Hart

    god, i just put ihate the bushes into my computer, and i'm thrilled to see how much company i have..i agree with you, that case outraged me too..i have been outraged by the georges for years, right now i'm apoplptic about baby bush's ignoring warnings re. al queda, his lies re the reasons for the war, hiws getting us into this war at all, never mind through false pretenses..i'm pissed at the american people for taking the easy way out and not considering the possibility that we are not the good guys…that would be just too uncomfortable!…i am pissed at the media for not telling the truth..where di i put this rage…where do you put yours?ps..this is just the tip of the iceberg…rwanda..argentina…the school of the americas..el salvador..guatemala..the cia..the fbi…the land mines…it goes on and on…….