My political compass

From Life and Deatherage:

Since everyone else seems to be doing it, I thought I’d give it a try. It says I have an “economic left/right” score of -4.25, and a “libertarian/authoritarian” score of -6.41. Seems about right, I guess. I never felt very Cartesian about any of this, though.

Tim Lambert is tracking how bloggers report their scores, and that puts me in the same box as Vardibidian, a blog I’ve never read. Maybe I’ll start.

My Economic Left/Right score is -1.88 and my Libertarian/Authoritarian score -7.03. Here’s my graph.

One response to “My political compass

  1. I'm 9.38 left economically, and 8.41 libertarian. I recently discovered I'm a communist. I'm still confused as to why communism is so hated in the Western world, aside from the reputation it got from the Soviet Union and China.