Warning to krokodilgena1@yahoo.com

I’m NOT interested in a bigger you-know-what and neither are the other people who read my weblog. I’ve banned your IP address and added all of your URL variations to my mt-blacklist. You’re NOT welcome here after spamming me twice today. Go bother someone else now, asshole.

This applies to other spammers as well. If you’re planning to comment spam, think again.

2 thoughts on “Warning to krokodilgena1@yahoo.com”

  1. I got one of the same stupid spam comments on my blog just today. Actually two of 'em. Two different names, same email address as yours. maybe it's time to start boycotting yahoo addresses?

    Btw, first time I've seen your blog and like it alot.

  2. I don't think they're actual people who manually post this spam. I doubt any of the spammers will ever see this warning.

    Still, I think there was some discussion on movabletype.org about this issue. I think someone wrote a plugin that blocks comments from a huge blacklist of email addresses.

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