Share Your Music

The domain is now active. It looks like I’ll have to write my own software. I looked at every content management package at DMOZ and they all sucked. Drupal is the nicest, but it falls down when you try to create a site that isn’t a weblog or news based.

3 responses to “Share Your Music

  1. try checking all the cms's out at

  2. What exactly is the site's purpose? There's probably something that would work for it.

  3. I've set up a test site with Drupal and I'm starting to like it. It seems the most flexible & it's easy to extend by adding new modules. I even found a file upload module, which will be the biggest part of the functionality.

    I want musicians to be able to create their own sites to provide samples, post news & schedules, and provide links to purchase their music. I have that functionality now with Drupal.