More Comment Spam

Comment spam seems to have been increasing lately.

Yesterday I got a comment spam for an online pharmacy from the bogus address Today I got two more comment spams from the same address for a different pharmacy. I just added some very aggressive filters to mt-blacklist in an attempt to deal with them.

3 responses to “More Comment Spam

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  2. I've been dealing with some pretty agressive stuff lately too. I updated MT-Blacklist to the latest version and am running a script every day to get the latest public blacklist.

    I wrote about it:

    Actually, checking right now oh man… I've got a crapload now – 300 some odd spam comments. GREAT.

    Words can't express…

  3. Yeah, my weblog got hit by the same email address. Small-scale so far, but not many people read my weblog 🙂