tHe mAsTeR wOuLd aPpRoVe

Cool! Someone has ported the old Torgo screensaver of Fate to Mac OS X. If you’re not familiar with this, Torgo is a character from Manos: the Hands of Fate, believed to be the worst movie ever made. It was one of the most popular episodes of MST3K.

One response to “tHe mAsTeR wOuLd aPpRoVe

  1. Was Manos worse than Plan 8 from Outer Space?

    I've never even heard of it?

    On related news: the guy from Mst3K just published a book called something like a "Year at the Movies"
    Where he saw a movie a day for a whole year. He traveled arund the world, visiting Cannes, and other film festivals, as well as some unusual theaters.