A Cat post

I haven’t written a cat post for a while, so I guess it’s time for one.

Midnight has gone through a remarkable transformation from wild stray to affectionate lap cat. When I saw him for the first time last May, he seemed completely wild. He would run away if anyone approached him. Most likely he was an abandoned pet rather than a wild cat.

I started feeding him and eventually he would come over to me, but he still wouldn’t let me pet him. After a while he started rubbing against my leg & following me around. He still wouldn’t let me pet him & he scratched me a few times. He finally came into my home once but he ran out after he ate.

In late July, he finally moved in. I took him to the vet and had him neutered and got him all of his shots. He became very attached to me and now seems to be the dominant cat around here, which Cody isn’t too happy about.

As soon as I sit down, Midnight jumps on my lap and starts purring very loudly. He’s never scratched me, although he occasionally gives me a little nip when he wants attention if I keep ignoring him. He even lets me cut his nails without any fuss.

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