Howard Stern yanked off six Clear Channel radio stations

Via Metafilter:

Howard Stern yanked off six Clear Channel radio stations The kingdom of the self proclaimed king of all media has been trimmed after Clear Channel dropped the Stern show on Tuesday after he allegedly aired sexually obscene and racist material.

The offensive exchange reportedly occured when a caller asked ex-Paris Hilton boyfriend (and sex-tape co-star) Rick Salomon if he had ever had oral sex on a black woman. The caller used the N-word to describe the black woman. Then the caller asked Salomon if it tasted like watermellon.

Is this grounds to fire the talk show host, or is it more politically motivated and the beginning of the end of free speech… of highly rated powerful talk show hosts who blast the FCC and aren’t Republican.

entire stern show here. (BitTorrent rq’d)

I personally don’t care for Howard Stern, but I’m outraged by Clear Channel’s actions. We have a media monopoly dictating taste and telling us what we should be listening to. It’s time to break up Clear Channel and bring back local ownership of radio stations.

One response to “Howard Stern yanked off six Clear Channel radio stations

  1. Can someone PLEASE DEFINE " indecent programming "? The high court has ruled on the 7 dirty words and Howard Stern, (who is actually very funny and has a great show), has obeyed this ruling. That said, would someone please define the basis for which the FCC uses to muscle and pressure broadcasters to curb ìindecent programmingî? If the broadcasters go to court, the FCC will simply make it tougher for broadcasters to renew their licenses. So… what to do?? Broadcasters cut their losses and ban shows that are ambiguously defined as ìindecent programmingî to avoid a fight with the FCC aka the United States Government.

    Canít define what is indecent? Here are some suggestions of ìindecencyî that MUST be kept off the airwaves and while weíre at it, MUST be kept off of bookshelves, and out of libraries!!!

    1. A show on the Clear Channel network that pokes fun at Republicans. (too political! BAN!)
    2. A show on NBC about an interracial couple. (what does this say about our country!? BAN!)
    3. A show on CBS about a girl who talks to GOD. (puts a bad spin on religion! BAN!)
    4. A book in the library about breast cancer research. (kids go to the library!! BAN!)
    5. A magazine article about gang life in Los Angeles. (too violent! BAN!)
    6. A show on the WB featuring a Bikini contest. (children might watch! BAN!)
    7. A song about a suicide. (teens might get the wrong idea!!! BAN!)

    Now all I need is the support of the FCC, and my children and I will finally be safe from all this ìindecencyî!

    Hereís a list of the cosponsors of the ìBroadcast Decency Enforcement Act of 2004.î

    Title: To increase the penalties for violations by television and radio broadcasters of the prohibitions against transmission of obscene, indecent, and profane language.