Which Launcher

Question: LaunchBar or QuickSilver? [from NSLog();]

I also prefer LaunchBar. I’m now using the 4.0 beta and it seems pretty stable. I had resisted trying it for a long time, since I used DragThing and I was satisfied with it. When I finally tried LB for the first time I was hooked instantly and purchased it the next day. Now I rarely make the trip to DragThing – it’s just faster to hit a key and type a few letters.

I tried QuickSilver but I got annoyed with it pretty quickly. None of the 3 options are as nice as LaunchBar’s unobtrusive little bar.

The best thing about LaunchBar is that it learns. I can now type ‘IN’ to launch Interarchy, ‘FF’ to launch FireFox, or ‘MW’ for MS Word.

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