Move over, Grey Album — "London, Booted"

Via Boing Boing Blog:

“Hot on the heels of the Grey Album comes another innnnteresting mash-up/bootleg project that was originally posted as a collaborative challenge to DJs in February. The goal: Take one track from the Clash’s “London Calling,” and “remix it, add to it, subtract from it
– put your own tributary spin on it.” The result is “London Booted” – 19 tracks (plus a few bonus extras) of eclectically reinterpreted Clash. In return for the download, the project organizers are asking listeners to donate to one of several charities, including Future Forests, a reforestation initiative that was a favorite of Joe Strummer. For £17.50 you can even have your own tree in Joe Strummer’s Rebel Woods, a future forests project on the Isle of Lucy… er… Skye.”

I’m fond of “Bubba’s Got a Brand New Cadillac,” “What about Brixton,” and “(Spanish Bombs) over Baghdad,” a mashup with a track from Outkast’s Stankonia. Hmmmm…. Outklash? Link to London Booted home, and try this alternate site if that doesn’t work.

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