iPod not moving to Linux anytime soon

In a press release announcing that the Dell DJ is now supported on desktop Linux machines, Lindows CEO Michael Robertson noted that Apple had declined to allow the iPod to work on the operating system. “We talked with Apple Computer about supporting the iPod but they want to keep that a closed system,” said Robertson. “Linux users should seriously consider the Dell DJ if they’re looking for an affordable MP3 Player.” (via MacMinute)

Sometimes Apple makes some really stupid decisions like this one and refusing to support RealPlayer format. Keeping the iPod a closed system is a big mistake and will hurt it in the long run. There’s no good reason to keep the iPod closed; it does nothing to help sales and will not stop any of the competitors. Wider support on other platforms and allowing the iPod to support as many audio formats as possible can only benefit everyone and sell more iPods.

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