Phish Breaking Up

After 20 years together, Phish has announced that they’re finished. In a note on their website, written by lead singer Trey Anastasio, he writes that they “don’t want to become caricatures of [themselves], or worse yet, a nostalgia act.” It was just a few years ago, in an effort to stave off a breakup, that the band went on hiatus for a while before resuming their work together. The band will release what will presumably be their final album, Undermind, on June 15th, and head off on their final tour beginning June 17th. Their final concert will be in Vermont, on August 15th. Thanks to Patrick McKenzie for the news. (via

Just when I start to like them

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  1. well thats just sad, i think that it is kinda foolish for phish to call it quiets right now, this is probably the most fans they have ever gotten and they are at the peak of there music. i respect phish a lot but there just being dare i say it stupid. trey this is all your fault but you are god so we cant be that mad at you. something as perfect at phish should never come to a end. Phish Phoreverø

  2. Come on everyone. Do you honestly think that this is the last of Phish. Trey may feel that way now but what about in 2009 or 2012 or whenever? I am sure the Who said the exact same thing but they toured in 2002. It may take 3 years or 5 years or even more than that but I really doubt this is the last of Phish. Look at the Rolling Stones. I saw them at the Vet in Philly in 2002 and they were just awesome and they are in the 60's. How many times do you think Mick Jaggar said the Stones are finished? I do think that Phish will being going away for a while though. Two years is not enough for them. It will be several years before they join again but believe me, they will be back. The Dead also said that they were finished too and they are back together and Jerry isn't even alive. Don't you think if all Phish members are alive in 5 or 10 years they will rejoin. So just be patient. As sick as Trey may feel about playing the same old songs over and over, he will be more sick after that playing with Phish after 5 years or however long it will be. It will be tough for th next few years with no live Phish to watch but mark my words this is NOT the last of Phish!! See yous at the Camden show and hopefully Coventry!!

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