Drupal satisfaction

It’s been almost two weeks since I switched MacMegasite to Drupal and I’m very pleased with the results. I also used Drupal to create a community site for my condo last week.

Posting news items is a lot easier with Drupal than it was with PHP-Nuke. When people submitted news items to the Nuke site, they almost always entered the entire article in ‘story text’, which meant I had to copy and paste most of it to ‘extended text’ so the whole thing wouldn’t appear on the front page. Since Drupal automatically splits posts at an appropriate place, it’s no longer necessary to split them manually and people who submit news don’t have to know any special formatting. Unlike Nuke, Drupal automatically recognizes URLs in the text and converts them to clickable links.

Drupal’s user management is also a lot better than PHP-Nuke. I hated the way Nuke had separate user & administrator logins and you couldn’t really have different levels of user access. With Drupal, I can set up several different user levels from full administrative access to editors & authors who can manage certain content. For the condo site, I created a ‘staff’ role which allows posting articles but doesn’t let them do anything potentially dangerous, since the staff members are not techies, while regular authenticated users can only post to the forums or comment on articles.

I don’t even want to get into PHP-Nuke’s security holes. It’s the only piece of software that’s less secure than Windows. Drupal, on the other hand, is well written with security in mind.

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