Zipped Up

I’ve been concerned about MacMegasite’s bandwidth usage, so I’ve been looking into ways to reduce it. The first thing I did was re-compress the logo as an optimized gif, which reduced it from almost 12k to 4k, after trying several settings and comparing gif & png for size and quality.

Finally, I added gzip compression, which drastically reduces the page load time, and in a few days I should be able to see how it affects the bandwidth. It was simply a matter of adding the following lines to .htaccess:

   php_flag zlib.output_compression On
   php_value zlib.output_compression_level 5

I also made this same change to all of my other domains.

I’m not in danger of exceeding my bandwidth – I have 20G/month which I can distribute however I want between all of my domains. Right now I have 10G allocated to MacMegasite with the rest distributed among my other domains, which are well within their limits. For this month, MacMegasite is already over 7G. I can always allocate more bandwidth to it if necessary

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