ADHOC Blogging

I’m now at the ADHOC conference and David Pogue is giving the keynote. My first impression is that it’s a lot smaller than the usual MacHack and has a very low-budget feel. There are only about 100 people rather than the usual 200-300. A lot of people who were here previous years weren’t here. I think this was the first MacHack that Leonard Rosenthal didn’t attend. Even Miro isn’t here.

We only have half of the main hall where the keynote & hack show was held. Internet access was a bit different. There’s no DHCP server; we have to obtain a static IP address.

At first there were no power strips in the atrium. We had to beg for them in the machine room. The keynote is as much fun as always, so maybe things will pick up for the rest of the conference.

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