Mind Control

Via WiredOpinion – Jon’s Journal:

Has it ever occurred to you that conservative beliefs are all about mind control? Well, it just did to me, and it’s fascinating to think about. At its very core, conservatism is about preserving the values, traditions, and beliefs of times gone by, inherently deeming new ideas unacceptable. This is mind control. To strive for uniformity and stagnancy among all people is to strive for something contrary to the nature and will of humanity. This nihilism is the very foundation of Western social conservatism.

Our conservative contemporaries love to wage religious and political wars of words. The Right has used polarizing rhetoric, often oversimplified and spun to portray a party with differing beliefs as a moral enemy, for centuries as a tool for garnering support. Conservative rhetoric uses moral absolutes, “good,” “evil,” “right,” “wrong,” to demonize and dehumanize opponents without considering alternative views on the definitions of those terms. Flavoring nationwide political discourse to the advantage of conservatives by altering the common terminology is a favored tactic.

The American neoconservative revolution successfully stigmatized the terms “liberal” and “progressive” by associating them with high taxes, moral depravity, and general weakness, while the equivalent conservative terms were portrayed as badges of honor to be displayed proudly. The Right uses the term “pro-life” to define an anti-abortion stance, implying that the opposite stance is “pro-death,” a patently ridiculous assertion. Conservatives frequently accuse others of being “unpatriotic” simply because they disagree with the conservative position on anything. As social conservatives tend to be more nationalistic, this distortion is easy to make in the political arena, often fooling the electorate. The modern-day Right wages wars in other countries simply for the projection of American conservative ideals across the world. These crusades are no different in essence than the crusades of centuries past. An international “war for the hearts and minds” of people of differing ideologies is the ultimate manifestation of conservative mind control.

Domestically, conservative mind control has been used to hijack issues in the private sector for political purposes aimed towards enforcing a socially conservative agenda for the entire country. Today’s most evident example of this phenomenon is the issue of gay rights, which has served to effectively split the nation in two. Conservatives, using religious rhetoric condemning homosexuality, are attempting to convince mainstream America that gay marriage threatens society at its core. In the conservative mindset, allowing gays to marry would undermine the age-old institution of marriage, and that would be a failure to preserve the stagnant society conservatives desire. The Republican Party has bent this issue into a political one by trying to alarm the electorate. The push has sparked campaigns to amend state and federal constitutions to allow only men and women to marry in the United States. This is yet another attempt by conservatives to force a specific, individually-held belief into the minds of all Americans by law.

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