Will the LCR endorse Bush?

Via Salon: The Log Cabin Republicans are opposing the GOP’s intolerant, homophobic platform and pleading for a return to center:

As our nation’s eyes are on New York City for the Republican National Convention, Log Cabin’s mission, our courageous delegates and our GOP allies are under intense attack from the radical right. The Republican Party Platform is an outrageous insult to all of us and our families. The platform not only calls for an anti-family Constitutional amendment, but it also opposes civil unions and domestic partnerships. While thousands of courageous gay and lesbian Americans are fighting to win the war on terror, the platform also says, “Homosexuality is incompatible with military service.”

Log Cabin has decided to respond immediately to this outrageous platform. We are launching an aggressive counter attack against the radical right which has hijacked the GOP.

Please take 30 seconds to watch Log Cabin’s newly produced television commercial which we launched this morning. And, if you agree with our message please help us immediately. We must broadcast this commercial in New York City this week so delegates can hear our message. We won’t have this chance again for 4 years.

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