Two Cats

The condo board meeting was tonight. I try to go every month, although out of 276 units here, usually only about 15-20 people show up. A few more than usual showed up because of the newsletter we got a few days ago. One of the condo rules is that we can only have one pet and this month’s newsletter printed a reminder of that rule, threatening to fine people with more than one pet.

I only had one cat when I moved here, and two of the board members encouraged me to adopt Midnight. I’m friendly with all of the board members and they all know that I have two cats. My neighbor also has two cats, although she had both of them when she moved here, which was only a few months before me. That was the big discussion at the meeting, and it seems the big complaint is about dogs, not cats. Specifically, there are people who don’t pick up after their dogs or let their dogs bark uncontrollably.

Having one or two dogs won’t make much difference if people don’t pick up after them. Two cats, on the other hand, is very different than two dogs. Cats don’t make a lot of noise, and they don’t poop everywhere. Most of the cats here are indoor cats, and the only time they’re seen is when they look out the window.

A few of my neighbors, including a former board member, are starting a petition to change the rule.

I had Cody since he was a kitten, so he won’t be happy living with someone else. Although Midnight, a former stray, has only lived with me about a year, he’s very attached to me. I’m the only one who can touch him, and he even lets me cut his nails. He hides from everyone else.

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