Cheney's Hypocrisy

Isn’t it funny that Dick & Lynne Cheney are making such a stink about Kerry mentioning their daughter in the debate, yet they didn’t say a word when Alan Keyes called her a selfish hedonist:

Expressing support for a proposed amendment to the Constitution that would ban same-sex marriage — an issue that the vice president has said is best left to the states to legislate, Keyes said: “The essence of … family life remains procreation. If we embrace homosexuality as a proper basis for marriage, we are saying that it’s possible to have a marriage state that in principle excludes procreation and is based simply on the premise of selfish hedonism.”

Asked whether that meant Mary Cheney was “a selfish hedonist,” Keyes said: “That goes by definition. Of course she is.”

Don’t forget that in August, Cheney himself acknowledged that his daughter is gay:

Asked his position on the subject at a town hall meeting in Davenport, Iowa, Cheney replied: “Lynne and I have a gay daughter, so it’s an issue that our family is very familiar with. … With respect to the question of relationships, my general view is that freedom means freedom for everyone. People ought to be able to free — ought to be free to enter into any kind of relationship they want to.”

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