Growing Orchids

I now have an orchid growing on a tree in front of my condo

Orchid growing on my tree

One of my neighbors started this trend a few weeks ago

Orchid growing on my neighbor's tree

We wrap the roots in cloth and tie it to the tree. After a few months, the roots will grow into the tree and we can remove the cloth.

2 responses to “Growing Orchids

  1. You should try some bromeliads too. maybe some tillandsias. If you are ever in west broward stop into Davis Nursery on Flamingo rd. They have an awesome shadehouse full of neat bromeliads.

  2. I have a few bromeliads next to my building in the ground, not on a tree. One of my neighbors gave them to me & everyone else around here. The only bad thing about them is water stays in them and attracts mosquitoes.