We Lost

This really hurt.

The most disturbing thing about the election is the exit polls which said people considered moral values the top issue, over the economy, terrorism, and Iraq. It shows that Americans basically hate gays and you can win an election by attacking gays.

I Vomited
I had thought that this country was basically Libertarian and secular, but the election results tell another story. I’m afraid of the US further weakening the separation of church and state or even descending into a Taliban-like Christian fundamentalist theocracy. With the rest of the world becoming less religious and granting more rights to gays, I’m disgusted that the US is the only country moving in the opposite direction.

It wouldn’t bother me as much if Bush won on issues like Iraq or terrorism, but the fact that he won on anti-gay sentiment & moral values makes it painful and shakes my faith in this country.

The rest of the world already fears and hates us because of Bush’s actions. His re-election will further alienate the rest of the world. As Oliver Willis said, “We’re telling the world that we endorse the last four years, and give thumbs up to more evil”. We need a sane foreign policy that values diplomacy and builds alliances rather than going it alone.

We face the prospect of more conservative Supreme Court justices who would reverse decisions on abortion, gay rights, and separation of church and state. That’s the most frightening thing about the next 4 years. It will take us several decades to undo that damage.

On the plus side, Barack Obama won his senate seat, but that was no surprise. It brings him one step closer to becoming the first black president.

2 responses to “We Lost

  1. Thanks for the comment on my journal about Hillary being a possible candidate. I'm just tired of exactly what you are stating in this post. If he would have won for the right reasons I would also be able to live with it better. I posted that story on a few on my blogs and am getting slammed by republicans for it. Thanks for supporting my side.

  2. I know what you mean, Mike. I expected better of America, too. I wasn't deluding myself about the fact that Bush's foreign policy does resonate with Americans, no matter what we say, but what shocked me was the social agenda, which I assumed would horrify at least half of the electorate as much as it horrified me. Sure enough, eleven states banned gay marriage, and the American Taliban has a four-year grip on our federal government.