Stupid scammers

I just got the following phishing email at my gmail account:

Dear eBay Customer,

This email is a reminder that your eBay account information suspended. To avoid any interruption to your service including the ability to log onto eBay account, please update your credit or debit card information by clicking here and submitting our form.

If you do not update your credit or debit card information you may no longer be able to use eBay and associated services.

I don’t use my gmail address at eBay and I’ve never provided that address to them. At least the scammers should know to use the right email address. I’ve never once seen one of those emails sent to an address I actually use for the service they claim to be.

Update: It gets even better. I just got another one, this time with multiple email addresses shown for the recipients. Can they get any more obvious and are people really stupid enough to fall for it?

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