New Office

I had my custom desk and cabinets installed in my office today. I haven’t finished moving everything back in place yet, but it looks great. They have to come back tomorrow to add another keyboard tray; there were supposed to be two but they only installed one.

I have 3 computers I use regularly: a 15″ PowerBook, which is my primary development system, a desktop G4 minitower, and a Linux box as my server. The room isn’t big enough for two full sized desks, so I was badly lacking desk space for all of my computers. After shopping around for workspace components I decided to go with a custom built desk from California Closets. The desk occupies two full walls with the cabinets mounted above it on one wall. I have 3 separate work areas, two of which have keyboard trays, with the corner workspace for my PowerBook. It looks and feels like a real office now.

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