Cat Grooming

Instructions on a cat grooming product:

1. wet cat thoroughly
2. apply product and comb through cat’s wet coat.
3. keep cat from grooming for 10 minutes.
4. rinse product thoroughly off of cat.
5. dry cat to make sure (product) is completely off cat.

Of course they left out a few steps. Read the hilarious details here.

Speaking of cats, last night Cody went on a destructive rampage, knocking things down all around my home. He woke me up with loud meowing at 2:30AM and I found that he changed the thermostat setting (which he can do by climbing on my sofa and hitting the switch on it). After he started running around my bedroom, I shut the door and locked him out so I could sleep. Meanwhile, Midnight was laying on my bed and purring loudly. When I got up this morning, I found all of the destruction.

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