Vancouver Day 1

I arrived at 11:30 last night exhausted & hungry. The flight was OK, except I had to change planes in Houston. Unfortunately the flight to Vancouver was at the opposite end of the airport from the gate where my first plane landed. I had only 45 minutes between flights, so I had to run most of the way.

I had a great first day here. I’m staying at the Georgian Court hotel. My room has high-speed wired internet, but I brought my Airport Express so I can connect wirelessly.

I’m still pretty jet-lagged so I got up early. It was great to finally meet my co-workers in person. After work, I explored a bit. I didn’t rent a car, so I walked. Vancouver is very pedestrian-friendly.

It isn’t cold, but it rained all day. It felt a lot like San Francisco or Seattle weather, and Vancouver reminds me of San Francisco. Downtown Vancouver is very easy to walk around. I only explored the area around Robson & Granville, which is the entertainment/restaurant district. Like Seattle, there seems to be a Starbucks on every corner. I passed at least 4 between my hotel andd Granville street.

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