Returning home

Yesterday was my last full day in Vancouver. I’m now at the airport waiting for my flight home. It didn’t rain yesterday so I got a chance to walk around and explore downtown Vancouver after work. I found the mall on Granville street and had dinner at the food court. The majority of the restaurants I’ve seen since I’ve been here are Asian. On various nights I ate in Indian, Japanese, and Vietnamese restaurants. There are also a lot of American burger places, which I avoided, and more Starbucks than I’ve seen anywhere else. At one point on Granville street there are two Starbucks directly accross the street from each other.

I finally got to the gym in my hotel last night. I attempted to lift my usual weight and couldn’t do it, until I realized everything was marked in Kilograms instead of Pounds. I’m still pretty bad at converting to & from the metric system.

One response to “Returning home

  1. Just so that you know, the conversion for kgs to lbs is 2.2. So if you were attempting to lift, say, 50 kg, you were trying to lift about 110 pounds.

    There are Palm programs that you can get that do conversions