Returning home

Yesterday was my last full day in Vancouver. I’m now at the airport waiting for my flight home. It didn’t rain yesterday so I got a chance to walk around and explore downtown Vancouver after work. I found the mall on Granville street and had dinner at the food court. The majority of the restaurants I’ve seen since I’ve been here are Asian. On various nights I ate in Indian, Japanese, and Vietnamese restaurants. There are also a lot of American burger places, which I avoided, and more Starbucks than I’ve seen anywhere else. At one point on Granville street there are two Starbucks directly accross the street from each other.

I finally got to the gym in my hotel last night. I attempted to lift my usual weight and couldn’t do it, until I realized everything was marked in Kilograms instead of Pounds. I’m still pretty bad at converting to & from the metric system.

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