Have we become our enemies?

Wil Wheaton: torture is not an american value

While it is vital that we defeat our enemies, we must not become them in the process. As a nation, we must stand united against Albert Gonzales and everything he represents. Torture is not an American value.

Are we becoming like the old Soviet Union? We attempt to intimidate the rest of the world with our military might. We’re now occupying a country where we’re not wanted and which we had no reason to invade. We’ve replaced their totalitarian dictatorship with an equally abusive and repressive regime.

2 responses to “Have we become our enemies?

  1. I hope that you are not referring to us being in Iraq as being in a country where we are not wanted. Maybe we are in a country that some Americans don't want to be in but ask all the many Iraqi's that just gratefully participated in elections if we were/are wanted there or not. No we are not becoming like the old Soviet Union.

  2. Actually I was. It was a huge mistake, and it cost us the rest of the world's respect.