What about Sun Hudson?

While Bush & congress fight to keep Terri Schiavo alive, despite her being brain dead for 15 years, 6 month old Sun Hudson was allowed to die without a fight when he was taken off life support against his parent’s wishes.

Via ABC 13 News:

A judge on Monday lifted a court injunction that had prevented doctors at Texas Children’s Hospital from halting care they believed to be futile.

“Texas Children’s Hospital is deeply saddened to report that Sun Hudson has died from the affects of thanatophoric dysplasia,” the hospital said in a statement issued Tuesday.

Texas law allows hospitals to end life support in cases such as Sun’s, but requires that families be given 10 days to find another facility to care for the patient. No hospital could be located to take Sun.

The hospital said it made extraordinary efforts to provide the best care for the infant but that there was no treatment available to save him.

Texas Children’s ethics committee reviewed Sun’s case before recommending that life support be discontinued.

Hospital officials recommended the case be taken to court and offered to pay Hudson’s attorney fees “in an effort to ensure that her and her son’s interests have been adequately represented.”

Guess who wrote the law which allowed his breathing tube to be removed? George W. Bush, when he was governor of Texas. Anyone who can’t see the hypocrisy here is blind or in denial.

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