Holy Land Comes Together Against Gay Sects

At least one thing can bring three major religions together in agreement:

First, the good news. In a Holy City better known for religious strife, the local leaders of Jews, Christians and Muslims have staged a remarkable show of religious unity. The bad news is that their remarkable show of religious unity is against a gay pride festival. At a news conference attended by Israel’s two chief rabbis, the patriarchs of the Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Armenian churches, and three senior Muslim prayer leaders, Israel’s Sephardic chief rabbi bitterly complained of the out and proud gays:

They are creating a deep and terrible sorrow that is unbearable… It hurts all of the religions. We are all against it.

A Muslim sheik concurred with the rabbi:

We can’t permit anybody to come and make the Holy City dirty. This is very ugly and very nasty to have these people come to Jerusalem

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