It's not about Religion


Once again the Republicans play the religion card, and once
again the Democrats are silent…

It’s not about religion. That’s what the Democrats ought to be
screaming and shouting on every morning news show and every
evening cable news program. Opposition to judges like Priscilla
Owen is not about her religion. It’s about her extremism.
It’s about her judicial activism. Why can’t the Dems get their message out there?

Senate majority leader Bill Frist wants to get his Fristians to believe that opposition to Owen is because she’s a Christian, and there’s a Democrat atheist conspiracy attacking judicial nominees because of their faith. It’s a red herring of course. What about the other 200 or so judicial nominees that were approved by Democrats? Are we to believe that none of those other Bush appointees were religious or Christian? That’s patently absurd. Frist knows the opposition to Owen has nothing at all to do with her religion and everything to do with her being so far out of the mainstream that the all-Republican Texas Supreme Court has sharply criticized many of her decisions. You know if you’re so far to the right that Republicans start thinking you’re out-there that you’re really not dealing with a mainstream, independent judge.

Where are the Democrats? Aren’t nearly all (if not all) of the Democrats who would be voting for or against this woman self-identifying Christians? Why are they letting Bill Frist accuse these Christians of being anti-Christian? Even their nemesis from the last election, Senator John Kerry, is a practicing Catholic. Why have they let Republicans promulgate this myth that only Republicans have an exclusive lock on religion and morality? Let’s hear a little about the religious left, guys! I know we even have some religious left on our very own staff.

Why aren’t the Democrats on CNN and CNBC and Good Morning America and the Daily Show explaining their opposition to this woman in simple terms that are easy to understand: she makes decisions based on her own personal feelings, not the law. Or better yet, make a bumper-sticker slogan out of it: Priscilla Owen Mocks the Law. I know it makes you feel dirty to distill complex issues down into sound bites, but that’s the world we live in, folks.

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