How to stay motivated

Via Lifehacker:

Work-at-home web designer Jason Santa Maria published a great list of ways to keep motivated when your “office” offers “a picturesque view of a sink full of dishes.” In a nutshell – know when to get busy, when to step away from the computer and stay organized in between. Maintaining Motivation [Jason Santa Maria]

Although I’m not self-employed, I work at home since my company is in Vancouver & I’m in Florida. These tips still apply. Here’s how I survive and get work done.

  • I have one room set up as an office, with a built-in desk and cabinets. When I’m here I’m at work. I never watch TV in the office, but I usually listen to music most of the time. At the end of the day, I leave my office and bring my powerbook into the living room where I can watch TV. Since my co-workers are on the west coast, even when I’m “home” I’d still get calls from them and I usually have to keep on working.
  • Since my co-workers are on the west coast, I usually sleep an extra hour and start working between 9 & 10. I’ve pretty much resigned myself to working west coast hours. I still manage to get most of my programming done before the others get to work and start calling or emailing me. I usually end up spending the rest of the day dealing with whichever crisis comes up.
  • Always go out for lunch every day. I usually walk to the mini-mall around the corner from my condo. This is one way to get out and see people instead of sitting alone in my office. I also make sure I get out in the evening, usually going to the gym.

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