Nixon vs. Clinton

The Right is still trying to trivialize Nixon’s crimes. This handy table from Media Matters compares the misdeeds of Clinton & Nixon:

  Nixon Clinton
Offenses Presiding over most corrupt administration in history; bugging opponents’ offices; breaking into opposition headquarters; breaking into psychiatrist’s office; forgery; using the IRS and the Justice Department to harass political opponents and reporters, and much more. Lying about inappropriate personal relationship; losing $48,000 in land deal.
Result Nixon resigned in disgrace, accepted a blanket pardon “for all offenses against the United States” he committed while president. Countless investigations of everything from a 15-year-old land deal to the suicide of a White House employee to allegations of drug running to White House personnel decisions to campaign fund-raising to Arlington Cemetery burial procedures revealed no criminal wrongdoing by Clintons.
Cooperation with investigations Approved plan to illegally use CIA to thwart FBI investigation of Democratic National Committee break-in; attorney general and deputy attorney general resigned after being ordered by Nixon to fire special prosecutor. Ordered Justice Department to appoint special prosecutor to avoid appearance of conflict of interest; never fired or tried to fire special prosecutors or independent counsels.
Dealings with media Investigated, wiretapped, and audited journalists; created “enemies list” that included more than 50 reporters; Nixon allegedly ordered an aide to falsely smear syndicated columnist Jack Anderson as a homosexual; White House plotted ways to poison Anderson. Produced — but didn’t distribute — a critique of Whitewater coverage by Washington Post reporter Susan Schmidt
Approach to idealogical opponents Contemplated firebombing Brookings Institution. (In fairness to Nixon, this plan was never actually carried out.) Once allegedly made Newt Gingrich sit at the back of a plane; wife warned of “vast right-wing conspiracy.”
Top aides who went to jail Campaign manager/Attorney General John Mitchell convicted of conspiracy, obstruction of justice and perjury for his role in Watergate break-in and cover-up; chief of staff H.R. “Bob” Haldeman and domestic affairs adviser John Ehrlichman convicted of conspiracy and obstruction of justice; White House counsel John W. Dean III convicted of obstruction of justice; special counsel Charles W. Colson pleaded guilty to obstructio
n of justice.
Associate attorney general Webster Hubbell, whose conviction for stealing money from Rose Law Firm colleagues, including Hillary Clinton, related to crimes he committed long before working in the Clinton administration.

Getting a BJ in the Oval Office is not comparable with a corrupt administration that broke into its opponent’s headquarters and bugged their offices. It also doesn’t compare with lying to get us into an unnecessary war and making the situation in the Middle East more dangerous than it was before he meddled. This is another instance of the conservatives worrying more about who someone sleeps with than things that matter like foreign policy or the economy.

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