Every time you use Linux, God kills a kitten

Via Planet Debian:

The details of a lawsuit mentioned by Steve earlier today are so remarkable, I cannot resist quoting some selected excerpts:

42. Much of the activities of Linux and OSS have served to create a funneling system allowing sensitive and advanced technology created by computer technology companies in the United States to be illegally exported out of the United States and into the hands of the citizens of other countries.

43. As a result of these activities, a large portion of US technology has been unwittingly placed into the hands of various groups around the world, including Al-Queda, and other groups who sponsor international terrorism.

My personal favourite is the following passage:

46. The beheading and murder of United States Citizens in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and other countries have been videotaped, converted to MPEG and other images for viewing on the public Internet through the use of OSS and Linux software and computer technology developed and purloined by Linux and OSS members and illegally exported from the United States.

Hopefully, US judicial system has enough common sense left in it not to give this case any serious consideration.

Sheeeeeesh! By this logic, box cutter manufacturers are directly responsible for 9/11.

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